The ‘MagDisk’ MagSafe SSD Expands iPhone Storage and Power

The ‘MagDisk’ MagSafe SSD Expands iPhone Storage and Power




  • The MagDisk appears to be the first MagSafe accessory to directly address the expanded storage needs of the iPhone 15 Pro for ProRes video recording and professional photography
  • By using removable SSDs, the MagDisk allows users to swap drives to have virtually unlimited storage.
  • The MagDisk’s portable battery functionality also helps address power-hungry use cases like video recording and could help extend an iPhone’s battery life.
  • If successfully brought to market as planned, the MagDisk could set a new standard for iPhone expandable storage with its innovative use of MagSafe magnets for a wire-free and secure connection.

Apple’s latest iPhone 15 Pro models introduce the ability to record high-quality ProRes video, but the base 128GB of storage can quickly become insufficient. Enter the ‘MagDisk’ MagSafe SSD – an innovative new accessory that magnetically attaches to iPhones to provide up to 4TB of additional portable storage.

The aluminum-bodied MagDisk contains a removable NVMe solid-state drive and uses MagSafe magnets to securely fasten to the back of iPhone 15 models. This allows users to directly save ProRes video files and offload other data to free up space on their iPhones.

With read/write speeds up to 2,000Mbps via USB 3.2 connectivity, the MagDisk enables much faster data transfers compared to wireless solutions. It can also function as a portable battery pack thanks to its built-in 2,400mAh cell.

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