MagDisk – MagSafe SSD | PowerBank | 5-in-1 USB-C Hub

MagDisk – MagSafe SSD | PowerBank | 5-in-1 USB-C Hub
The 'MagDisk' MagSafe SSD is a magnetic accessory for iPhone users to pair with their device as a way to expand storage capabilities and more. The device is crafted with an aluminum alloy exterior along with shock resistance and dynamic thermal guard technology to ensure it can withstand everyday use. The device has a swappable solid-state drive (SSD) inside with up to 4TB of space to help pro users easily offload all of their essential data from their smartphone.

The 'MagDisk' MagSafe SSD is rated to achieve a 2,000Mbps read/write speed to expedite data storage and access, while USB-C 3.2 compatibility supports up to 20GBps. The drive also features a power bank functionality with 2,400mAh of power to offer.

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